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Wash Your Bowl
Full Length Play

A dinner party celebrating an engagement amongst friends devolves into a spectacle of guilt when a distant terrorist attack steals their attention for the evening. My second full length play, the story meditates on  communication, virtue signaling, and the lengths we go to to be agreeable. Watch a staged reading this play by The Tank in NYC.

A Clown Named Tremaine
1/2 Hour Comedy
Original Pilot

Tremaine, a wannabe actor tries to persuade the head of a failing children's entertainment company to hire him. An original half-hour comedy pilot about freelancing, criminal justice, and second chances.

Town Street
Mystery Comedy
Short Film

After waking up to an empty piggybank, a lonely kid dons the persona of a private investigator to solve the crime, in this Chinatown-esque parody. Written for the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge, I was assigned a genre (Mystery), location (Car Wash), and prop (Piggybank) with 48 hours to write a script. Town Street won 1st place in the forty-first-heat of Round 1. 

Big Mouth Spec Script

"The Hardest Part of Picture Day"

30 minute animated TV Comedy

Based on characters from the Netflix original series -- On picture day, Jessi, Nick, and Andrew try to control their images among classmates.

Archer Spec Script

"Sans Archer"

30 minute animated TV Comedy

Based on characters by Adam Reed - "Sans Archer" is a post-dreamland (Season 8) story that imagines the Figgis Agency returning to espionage after Sterling Archer's coma. 

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