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Dylan James Amick is a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.


Originally from Roanoke, Va, Dylan trained as a lighting designer at Virginia Tech, but his passion to create new work pushed him to tell stories as a writer and director as well. After school, he moved to New York and worked as a lighting and video technician for Off-Broadway theaters and festivals.


His work with Critical Point Theatre’s audio drama anthology The Grayscale Podcast as showrunner, won multiple awards including recognition from the Rod Serling Memorial Society. His writings have been presented at FoolsFury, Dixon Place, and numerous film festivals. 

Most recently, Dylan’s short film Watch was selected for the Inwood Arts Quarantine film festival. Dylan is in post production on his next short Clean Cut, a horror story about made-man monsters, that should be available in 2021. 


As a victim of capitalism, Dylan measures his happiness by productivity, so he does little outside of work besides think and stress about work. He would bring that same level of commitment and neurosis to your project.

Dylan James Amick likes scary movies… 


A writer/director originally from Virginia, I trained as a birthday party clown and a theatrical designer. I received a BA in Theatre Production from Virginia Tech with an emphasis on lighting design. After college, I spent a decade in New York City working Off-Broadway, including five years with The Juilliard School’s production department as the Head of Video. My last horror short, Clean Cut played at a dozen festivals, won multiple Best Horror Short awards, and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime as part of the anthology series Discover Indie Film


As a storyteller, I create character-driven thrillers packed with dark comedy and existential horror. I believe horror has the power to make us think; my stories question what it means to be a monster. Across genres, my scripts follow blue-collar Hamlets trying to make sense of a world that is changing around them. I was a finalist in Stage 32’s Search For New Blood, Screencraft’s True Story & Public Domain Screenplay contest, and NYC Midnight’s Short Screenplay contest; my work has been celebrated by numerous contests and film festivals including Hollyshorts, the Austin Film Festival, the PAGE Awards, Screencraft, and more. 

I am currently in postproduction for my next short film, Return to Tanya, a romantic drama about memory, break ups, and moving on.


I live in Los Angeles with my biggest fan (my wife) and my biggest critic (my cat).

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