"That’s the thing about missing important moments; you get stuck being ready for them for the rest of your life."


Full Length Stage Play

A Night to Look Back On


"Mostly thanks to you for bringing a gun, and generally just being the least unprepared for this mission."


30 minute Spec Script for Archer

Sans Archer

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"You can say whatever you want first, but afterwards, you're going in there."


Horror Short

Clean Cut


“Had this been a mistake?” She wondered. She was already so lonely and Peyton was so nice to her; god she hoped he would still be nice to her.

Short Story

Two Southerns Who Made the Mistake of Falling in Love North of the Mason-Dixie


I could even bring a pizza. That might be too much now that I read it... Means I have to buy a pizza and get it back here. Plus if other students see it they may think I owe all of them a pizza to split, so slippery slope.

Short Story

The Guys Hanging out on the Third Floor

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